Hector Pei, (Spain) obtained his Master Degree in Architecture at E.T.S.A.M., Madrid Polytechnic University [U.P.M.], and studied two years at Peking University (北京大学), China with an ICO Foundation Scholarship.

His photography explores the relationships between cities, and the societies that inhabit them. He has published his work in magazines such as Arquitectura Viva, Europaconcorsi, Metalocus, Archdaily, Gooood, 건축문화Architecture and Culture, and many more; and was in charge of the photography of the book "A map of Hutopolis" on the process of urbanization in China.

His first solo exhibition “End of Line: An archaeology of silence” was presented at the 2014 Beijing Design Week; sponsored by the ICO Foundation with the collaboration of the Spanish Embassy in China. The work of Hector Pei has also been included in "Input: 10 years of Spanish photography in China"; a collective exhibition, that brings together the most representative Spanish photographers working in China. He has also been invited to Photo Beijing 2015 and 2016.

Since 2009, he lives in China.


Hector Pei(西班牙)在马德里理工大学获得建筑硕士学位,并在北京大学学习两年获得ICO基金会奖学金。

他的摄影作品旨在探索城市与城市之间的关系及相关的社会。他发表他的摄影作品在很多著名杂志上,如Arquitectura Viva、Europaconcorsi、Metalocus,Archdaily, Gooood, 건축문화Architecture and Culture, 并负责摄影图册《A map of Hutopolis》的“中国城市化进程”主题。

他的首次个人展览“路尽头:静寂的考古学”在2014年北京设计周展出,此活动由ICO基金会和西班牙驻华大使馆赞助。Hector Pei的作品被展出在《输入_近十年西班牙摄影在中国》展览上。他也被邀请参加展览北京国际摄影周 2015年和2016年。


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